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    MEP Janina Ochojska slanders the State Forests

    Spokesman of the State Forests, Michał Gzowski informed on Twitter that MEP, Polish humanitarian activist, Founder and President of the Polish Humanitarian Action, Janina Ochojska slanders the State Forests. Allegedly, the Polish foresters hid several hundred bodies of illegal immigrants in a mass grave in the forest in Białowieża.

    Pushbacks at Poland Belarus Border

    MEP Janina Ochojska raised the issue of ‘victims of the border’. On social media, the accusations have also been retweeted:

    MEP Ochojska quotes the data of Grupa Granica, which monitors the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border: “Since the beginning of the crisis, 327 people have been reported missing, of which 95 have been found. Where are the other people? What happened to them? They are not in BY, neither in PL nor in the EU, the families do not have any information, although they are looking for them.”

    According to TVP info, Ochojska said: “There are many more victims of the border. They are either in a mass grave… because I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the time when access to the border was closed, the bodies were simply collected so that there would be no evidence”.

    Spokesman of the State Forests, Michał Gzowski officially responded that the State Forests cannot remain passive about such allegations.

    The MEP Janina Ochojska accused foresters of hiding several hundred bodies of dead refugees in a mass grave in the forest in Białowieża. This is an extremely heinous slander. The State Forests
    will draw all legally available consequences. Spitting on a forester’s uniform will not go unpunished.

    Spokesman of the State Forests, Michał Gzowski wrote on Twitter.

    Therefore, the State Forests will file a lawsuit for infringement of personal rights against MEP Janina Ochojska.

    Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, Maciej Wąsik also criticises MEP’s behaviour. “You stated that the Polish State buried the victims in mass graves. This is an incredible accusation! Please notify the prosecutor’s office immediately and show the evidence! Otherwise, we’ll think you’re a disgusting, extremely disgusting liar! A lie in the service of Lukashenko. Shame”, he wrote on Twitter.

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