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    Mineral Water from Underground Workings: The Story of Piast-Ziemowit Mine Miners

    In the depths of the Piast-Ziemowit mine, miners from the Ziemowit operation have found a refreshing solution to quench their thirst: mineral water sourced from approximately 400 meters below the surface. This specially treated water is highly mineralized and boasts superior quality compared to some brands available on the market. The mine employees have access to eight taps located near the lamp room, while a portion of the local residents in Lędziny also benefits from this unique water source.

    The mining water, pumped from a depth of over 400 meters underground, passes through a mining water treatment plant. The water treatment facility has been in operation since 1982, while the drinking water extraction point, along with the cooling system, was established in 2012.

    The water exhibits a high concentration of minerals, approximately 800 milligrams per cubic decimeter. It contains essential elements such as magnesium, sodium, and calcium, among others. Furthermore, it fully meets the requirements for drinking water intended for human consumption and undergoes regular monitoring by the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Tychy to ensure its quality.

    This unique water is readily available within the Ziemowit mining network. The mine no longer needs to purchase water from the market, as miners can draw it from the eight taps conveniently located near the lamp room. They have access to three taps with sparkling water, three with still water, and two with sparkling water mixed with juice. Additionally, approximately 15 percent of Lędziny’s residents receive this water through the communal water supply.

    Since the COP24 Climate Summit held in Katowice in 2018, water from the Ziemowit operation has been bottled as an additional initiative. Branded as Aqua Co@l, it became one of the highlights of the event. Last year alone, 37,000 bottles, each containing 330 ml of water, were bottled. However, the bottled water is not sold commercially; instead, it is utilized for promotional and internal purposes within PGG S.A., the mining company.

    Nevertheless, the mine draws a considerably larger amount of freshwater. Even before undergoing treatment, the water is also used for industrial purposes within the facility and for technological needs. It is worth noting that the Lędziny mine stands out as one of the few locations in Poland blessed with an abundant supply of freshwater. This phenomenon can be attributed to the geological and hydrogeological conditions, as well as the mining operations conducted in the area in previous years.

    Marcin Sitek, the Head of the Geological Department at Ziemowit operation, provides insights into the water’s characteristics. Let’s hear what he has to say:

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