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    Minister Telus Emphasizes Collaboration with Beekeepers at SGGW Conference

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    The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus, underscored the importance of collaboration with beekeepers during the “Beekeeping – Responsible Hobby, Responsible Business” conference held at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). The event coincided with the conclusion of the 9th edition of the nationwide “Beekeeper of the Year” competition, under the honorary patronage of Minister Telus.

    Caring for Biodiversity

    Minister Robert Telus acknowledged that beekeeping is more of a passion than a profession and that beekeepers have a unique connection to nature, the environment, and climate. He emphasized that beekeepers understand the critical role of biodiversity.

    Beekeepers as Pioneers of Retail Agricultural Trade

    Minister Telus expressed his gratitude for the vital role beekeepers play, especially in demonstrating the potential of direct sales. He credited beekeepers as pioneers of Retail Agricultural Trade (RHD), a direction of development supported by the ministry, extending to other sectors.

    The Importance of Bees in Agriculture

    Experts emphasized the mutually beneficial collaboration between agriculture and beekeeping, resulting in higher-quality and higher-yield crops for farmers. They also highlighted the crucial role of bees in the ecosystem, stressing the interdependence of insect-pollinated plants and bees.

    About the Event

    The “Beekeeper of the Year” competition and the “Beekeeping – Responsible Hobby, Responsible Business” conference were organized by the Foundation for Beekeeping and Sustainable Development Academy. Notable figures at the conference included the rector of SGGW, Prof. Dr. hab. Michał Zasada, and the Chief Inspector of Commercial Quality of Agricultural and Food Products, Przemysław Rzodkiewicz.

    The conference served as a platform for experts, researchers, practitioners, and government representatives to discuss the significance of beekeeping in agriculture and the economy, promoting integration and the exchange of ideas within the industry.

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