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    MoD Confirms Delivery of Six K2 Black Panther Tanks from South Korea

    The Ministry of National Defence (MoD) has officially announced the arrival of six additional K2 Black Panther tanks from South Korea. The tanks were delivered to Poland’s port of Gdynia on Friday, marking another significant step in the country’s ongoing military modernization efforts.

    Poland’s acquisition of the K2 tanks began last year, with a purchase of 180 units for PLN 5.8 billion (equivalent to EUR 1.3 billion). Under the framework contract signed earlier, Poland is set to acquire a total of 1,000 vehicles, out of which 820 will be manufactured locally under license in subsequent stages.

    “Another consignment of modern weapons ordered from South Korea has already arrived in Poland. This time, 6 K2 Black Panther tanks have arrived at the port of Gdynia and will soon be delivered to the 20th Mechanized Brigade. In total, the Polish Armed Forces already have 28 K2 tanks,”

    Minister Blaszczak wrote on Twitter. 

    The latest batch of tanks will be handed over to the 20th Bartoszyce Mechanized Brigade, reinforcing their capabilities on the ground. With this delivery, Poland has received a total of 28 K2 tanks to date, bolstering its armoured fleet.

    In addition to the K2 tanks, Poland has also placed orders for other advanced military equipment from South Korea. These include K9 howitzers, K239 Chunmoo rocket artillery launchers, and FA-50 combat trainer aircraft. The procurement of these cutting-edge assets further underscores Poland’s commitment to enhancing its defence capabilities and fostering strategic partnerships.

    The delivery of the K2 tanks and the broader military cooperation between Poland and South Korea serve as notable milestones in strengthening bilateral ties and promoting regional security. These modernization efforts are crucial for Poland’s defence strategy, ensuring preparedness and deterrence in an evolving geopolitical landscape.

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