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    National Bank of Poland Continues to Increase Gold Reserves

    In November, the National Bank of Poland (NBP) acquired an additional 0.6 million troy ounces of gold, according to data from the central bank. The value of the gold reached nearly PLN 93.56 billion.

    By the end of November, NBP held 11.532 million troy ounces of gold, compared to 10.93 million ounces at the end of October. This signifies an increase in NBP’s gold reserves by over 0.6 million ounces.

    The value of gold in NBP’s reserves is $23.5 billion (compared to just over $21.83 billion in October). Converted to euros, the value of gold exceeded €21.5 billion at the end of November (up from €20.46 billion the previous month), while in Polish złoty, the value of gold amounted to nearly PLN 93.56 billion (slightly over PLN 91 billion at the end of October).

    Sebastian Kawa Achieves Historic Flight Over K2

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