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    National Day of Silesian Uprisings: Commemorating a Historic Turning Point

    On the 20th of June, an important event in Polish history comes to life as the nation remembers the heroic Silesian Uprisings. It marks the anniversary of the entry of Polish troops into Upper Silesia back in 1922, following the decisive uprisings and a pivotal plebiscite. The recent adoption of a law establishing this commemorative day has given it official recognition and ignited renewed enthusiasm for honouring this remarkable chapter of Polish history.

    Historic Transformation

    The Silesian Uprisings and the subsequent plebiscite, along with the interventions of the Council of the League of Nations and the Council of Ambassadors, led to a remarkable outcome. About one-third of the disputed Upper Silesia territory was rightfully transferred to Poland. It was on the momentous day of June 20, 1922, that the Polish Army embarked on its journey to reclaim these lands, gradually crossing the border near Szopienice.

    A Call for Recognition

    The establishment of the National Day of Silesian Uprisings came as a response to the heartfelt appeals from various quarters, including the Sejmik of the Silesian Voivodship and the Socio-Cultural Society of Polish Silesia. Leading the charge was President Andrzej Duda, who submitted the bill to the Sejm. With resounding support, the law establishing this momentous holiday was adopted by the Sejm on May 12, 2022. It later made its way to the Senate and was eventually signed by President Duda himself in the city of Katowice on June 7.

    Embracing a New Tradition

    The inaugural celebration of the National Day of the Silesian Uprisings took place on June 20, 2022, signalling the dawn of a long-overdue tradition. 

    The National Day of Silesian Uprisings, though not officially recognized as a public holiday, holds a special place in the hearts of Polish citizens. This day, commemorating the entry of Polish troops into Upper Silesia following the uprisings and plebiscite marks a significant turning point in the nation’s history. With its recent legal establishment, the importance of this occasion has been affirmed, allowing future generations to honour and remember the heroic struggles that shaped the destiny of the Silesian region.

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