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    National Satellite Information System: An innovative platform for integrating satellite data in Poland

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    On 27 June, the Polish Space Agency launched the National Satellite Information System (NSIS), an innovative platform integrating satellite data, analytical tools and services. It is the first in the country to bring together a variety of resources in one place, enabling comprehensive monitoring and use of environmental information. Access to the NSIS is free of charge, significantly increasing the availability of this data to users.

    NSIS is crucial for local government administrations, supporting strategic investment planning and emergency management. By integrating various resources and satellite imagery, it becomes a comprehensive source of information, especially during natural disasters, where a rapid response is vital.

    The platform enables the efficient provision of customised information to comprehensively monitor climate change, control the environment, manage forests and water, plan agricultural crops and develop tourism infrastructure. In addition, NSIS supports long-term decision-making related to land use, public transport development and air quality monitoring.

    Satellite data also plays a key role in situations of armed conflict, migration crises and the fight against cross-border crime. They are indispensable in crisis management, enabling preventive and appropriate action to be taken. For example, remote sensing data on UV radiation, gas emissions or heat waves have found applications in health care and planning of health promotion programmes.

    Within the NSIS there are three main components: NSIS Portal, Service Market and Knowledge Base. The NSIS Portal enables basic spatial analysis on satellite data and the use of external platforms and services that make their resources available. The Services Marketplace integrates user needs with available technical solutions on the market, both commercial and open source. The Knowledge Base gathers scientific, technical and application information, providing a compendium of knowledge for users.

    NSIS has been designed as a scalable system, with the possibility of expansion and cooperation with other platforms of this type. Its deployment increases the efficiency of government operations, enhances the competitiveness of the economy and enables widespread use of satellite data by public administrations and public institutions. The creation of the NSIS is based on key strategic documents for the development of the Polish economy, such as the Polish Space Strategy and the National Plan for Rebuilding and Increasing Resilience.

    The National Satellite Information System is a step into the future, using the potential of satellite technology for the benefit of the country. The integration of data, tools and services on this platform will enable faster responses to environmental challenges, crises and strategic development planning. The NSIS opens a new chapter in the use of satellite information and stimulates innovation in the space sector.

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