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    Nationwide Farmers’ Strike Begins in Poland

    Today at 9:00 AM, in line with previous announcements, a nationwide general strike of farmers in Poland will commence. The strike will kick off at 10:00 AM with the blockade of all border crossings with Ukraine and the blockade of roads and highways in various parts of the country.

    “I believe that society will understand the problems we are facing, as they are, to some extent, relevant to them too. Our food, if produced cheaper, without the EU requirements imposed by the Green Deal, will also be cheaper for people living in cities, small towns, everywhere,” said Radosław Kucharski, chairman of the NSZZ “Solidarity” of Individual Farmers of the Sieradz Land.

    The protesters are opposing the EU policies towards farmers outlined in the so-called Green Deal, as well as policies regarding trade with Ukraine.

    The current government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, attempted to take actions to defer the decision for a general strike, assuring increased inspections of goods from Ukraine and the continuation of support for farmers, but these efforts were unsuccessful.

    Farmers will begin their protest on Friday, February 9th, at 10:00 AM in approximately 260 locations across Poland. The strike is planned to last for 30 days.

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