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    NATO’s Resolute Commitment: Key Takeaways from the Bucharest 9 Summit

    At the Bucharest 9 Summit in Riga, leaders from nine NATO countries, alongside the NATO Secretary General and new allies Sweden and Finland, underscored the Alliance’s strength and unity. Celebrating NATO’s 75th anniversary, they reaffirmed their commitment to collective defense and the Open Door Policy.

    The summit highlighted significant enhancements in NATO’s deterrence and defense posture, especially on the Eastern Flank. Leaders pledged to continue strengthening these measures, including investing a minimum of 2% of GDP in defense and ensuring the Alliance has the necessary capabilities to meet emerging threats.

    Confronting Russia and Supporting Ukraine

    Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine was a focal point, with leaders condemning Russia’s actions and reiterating unwavering support for Ukraine. The summit emphasized a comprehensive strategy to counter Russia’s threats and highlighted the importance of supporting Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

    The summit also recognized the significance of strategic partnerships, particularly with the EU and nations in the Indo-Pacific and South. Leaders commended the progress of Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Georgia in countering malign influences and maintaining stability.

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