Negotiations Underway Between Poland and Pfizer Over Unfulfilled Vaccine Contract

    Poland’s health minister has expressed optimism regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement with Pfizer, the US pharmaceutical giant, amid reports of a legal dispute over unmet Covid vaccine deliveries.

    A recent report by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna highlighted Pfizer’s legal action against Poland in a Brussels court, citing the failure to fulfil the Covid vaccine contract. The legal dispute stems from the initial vaccine procurement agreement orchestrated by the European Commission, applicable to all EU member states under Belgian legislation. Pfizer is seeking a payment of PLN 6 billion (EUR 1.37 billion) from Poland after the country declined to accept and pay for 60 million COVID-19 vaccines, despite a binding contract with the pharmaceutical company.

    The first hearing for this legal tussle is slated for December 6, as per the newspaper’s report.

    Responding to queries from TVN24 broadcaster on the potential for avoiding the lawsuit and striking a resolution with Pfizer, Katarzyna Sojka, the Polish health minister, acknowledged the pending lawsuit but highlighted that Poland isn’t the sole target.

    “This seems to be an international issue. However, we’re not alone in this matter within the European Union. Several countries face similar challenges,” stated Sojka during the interview.

    She expressed a glimmer of hope, noting, “There is a possibility to resolve this lawsuit amicably,” clarifying that “there’s optimism that Pfizer’s demands in their current form might not be met.” Sojka emphasized the prospect of a positive resolution, signalling ongoing negotiations between Poland and Pfizer to resolve the impasse.

    As the legal proceedings loom, both parties appear inclined to seek a mutually beneficial solution, aiming to navigate through the complexities of this contractual disagreement.


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