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    New Dredger URSA Joins Poland’s Maritime Fleet to Boost Waterway Connectivity

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    Poland welcomes the URSA, a specialized dredger, to enhance waterway infrastructure, ensuring efficient port access and navigation in the Vistula Lagoon.

    The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure announces the launch of a specialized vessel, URSA, that will strengthen the fleet of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. This dredger will play a crucial role in maintaining a newly constructed, over twenty-kilometer-long waterway connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Gdansk Bay, while also serving the upkeep of approach channels to maritime ports.

    Poland’s maritime administration will soon benefit from this modern, specialized vessel, significantly facilitating the maintenance of designated waterway parameters leading to the ports. The introduction of the URSA dredger into the fleet is expected to bring cost savings and expedite dredging operations, especially in cases requiring urgent clean-up.

    The vessel, currently under construction by the Finnish shipyard Tyovene Oy, was contracted in March 2022, with a total contract value of 116.5 million PLN. The URSA dredger, with a length of approximately 62 meters, width of 12 meters, and a maximum dredging depth of 18 meters below water level, will significantly boost Poland’s maritime capabilities.

    The URSA dredger represents a unique, highly customized vessel designed and built to meet specific client requirements and comply with all relevant regulations. Its deployment marks a significant step in improving Poland’s maritime infrastructure.

    The construction of the new waterway through the Vistula Spit is progressing in stages, with the Maritime Canal and accompanying infrastructure already operational. The completion of the Elbląg Riverbank enclosure, including the recently inaugurated rotating bridge in Nowakowo, is anticipated by the end of 2023. The project aims to enhance connectivity and navigation in the region, further facilitating trade and transport.

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