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    New Episode of ‘Reset’ Documentary Series Reveals Russian Interference in Poland

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    In the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack, Russia seized an opportunity to advance its interests by joining the American fight against terrorism, all while pursuing its own agenda – under the pretext of combating terrorists.

    Premiere of Episode 13: ‘Dajcie człowieka’ on November 4th at 8:00 PM on Telewizja Republika

    The upcoming episode of the documentary series ‘Reset,’ authored by Sławomir Cenckiewicz and Michał Rachonia, continues its compelling exploration of the ‘Reset’ era during Donald Tusk’s leadership. This episode promises to uncover sensational revelations and previously undisclosed documents, shedding light on the extent of Russian government interference in Poland’s internal affairs.

    One of the key figures in the episode states, “Russia saw this as the perfect moment to interfere in Poland’s internal matters, and it was during this time that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed us on what to do and what not to do.”

    Don’t miss the premiere of the 13th episode of ‘Reset’ on Saturday at 8:00 PM on Telewizja Republika for an eye-opening look into the intricate web of Russian involvement in Poland.

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