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    New Faces and Familiar Names in Poland’s Sejm: A Fresh Start for the 10th Term

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    In a ceremonious event on Thursday afternoon, the Polish Sejm initiated the presentation of certificates to newly elected members, including over 100 parliamentary debutants. Among them were prominent figures like former presidential ministers Marcin Przydacz and Paweł Szrot, marking their entry into the political arena once again after a hiatus.

    New Faces in the Sejm

    In the recently held elections on October 15, PiS secured 35.38% of the votes, followed closely by KO with 30.70%. The Sejm welcomed 460 members of its Xth term, with PiS winning 194 seats, KO 157, Trzecia Droga 65, Nowa Lewica 26, and Konfederacja 18. Notably, more than 100 of these representatives are newcomers, representing diverse parties.

    Among the newcomers from PiS were experienced politicians, including former presidential ministers Marcin Przydacz and Paweł Szrot. KO introduced seasoned senators like Marcin Bosacki, former Sopot mayor Jacek Karnowski, and educator Marcin Józefaciuk, known for his public stand against certain educational materials.

    Return of Veterans

    The Sejm also welcomed back familiar faces. Donald Tusk, the leader of Platforma Obywatelska, secured over 538,000 votes in Warsaw, rejoining the Sejm after a hiatus. Additionally, Roman Giertych, who previously served as a member and minister, returned to the political scene after years.

    Other parties, including Trzecia Droga, Konfederacja, and Nowa Lewica, introduced fresh perspectives. Notable among them were Szymon Hołownia and Michał Kobosko from Polska 2050, along with young economist Adam Gomoła, the youngest member of the new Sejm at just 24 years old.

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