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    New Information Emerges Regarding the Prigozhin Plane Crash: Was the Aircraft Shot Down?

    Fresh details have emerged concerning the airplane catastrophe believed to involve Yevgeny Prigozhin, the same individual who just two months ago ignited turmoil in what’s been termed as the Wagner Group rebellion against Putin. Reports indicate that there were audible sounds of two explosions prior to the crash, with some sources outright suggesting that the aircraft was intentionally downed.

    Russian authorities state that among the passengers aboard the plane that crashed in the Tver region, Yevgeny Prigozhin was listed. The crash claimed the lives of all ten individuals on board. The publication “Meduza,” however, speculates that a close associate of Prigozhin, Dmitriy Utkin, alias “Wagner,” might have also been on the aircraft. The pseudonym of Utkin lent its name to the enigmatic military contractor – the Wagner Group.

    Concurrently, Belsat conveys the ongoing flow of information on Russian Telegram channels. According to one such source, two explosions were heard before the catastrophe occurred. Meanwhile, a channel linked to the Wagner Group implies that the plane traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg might have been brought down by anti-aircraft defense systems.

    In Russian media, further unconfirmed reports about the airplane disaster involving Prigozhin quickly emerge. The pro-Kremlin channel “Mash” asserts that two explosions were heard before the crash occurred. According to one of the channels affiliated with the Wagner Group, the plane flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg was brought down by anti-aircraft defense systems. Additionally, several Russian “patriotic bloggers” claim that not only Prigozhin but also Dmitriy Utkin (alias Wagner) were on board the plane. Other media outlets point out that today marks exactly two months since Prigozhin’s failed coup attempt. The governor of the Tver region has announced that the crashed plane was a civilian aircraft. He also mentioned that he has taken the matter under his “personal control.”

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