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    Orlen Empowers Global Expansion: Orlen Oil and Lotos Oil Consolidation

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    Polish energy giant, ORLEN, has successfully consolidated its subsidiaries, Orlen Oil and LOTOS Oil, to create a formidable force in the lubricants market. The strategic move not only solidifies its position as the market leader in Poland but also opens doors for dynamic international expansion, tapping into the production of advanced ready-to-use oils. Currently, ORLEN OIL products are available in 78 countries.

    The merger of ORLEN OIL and LOTOS Oil enhances the conglomerate’s operational efficiency and developmental potential in the lubricants market. With four production facilities and a combined workforce of nearly 700 employees, the new entity is set to maximize its lubricant production capacity of approximately 420,000 tons annually.

    Innovation Propels Global Competitiveness

    ORLEN OIL’s future is poised for further growth with the development of a new, integrated product offering, focusing on group II base oils produced through the Hydrocracking Oil Block (HBO) in Gdańsk. These advancements are expected to elevate the conglomerate’s global competitiveness and enable it to produce advanced ready-to-use oils for the automotive, industrial, and marine industries.

    The ongoing integration of various entities, including PGNiG Upstream Norway and LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge, has led to projections of synergies worth 20 billion PLN by 2032. This surpasses the initial expectations and is made possible through over 160 integrative and transformative projects, fostering innovation, and improving efficiency across consolidated sectors.

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