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    Patryk Jaki: Civilization of Stupidity on the Offensive

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    In a recent social media release, Patryk Jaki, a European Parliament member, sheds light on the implementation of progressive ideologies in Europe. Jaki highlights instances from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain to illustrate the direction influenced by leftist activists and Brussels officials.

    Jaki presents a noteworthy case from the Netherlands, where a transgender individual was crowned Miss Holland. He prompts reflection on the impact of such choices on Dutch women and the participants who didn’t win. Jaki also draws attention to a Dutch study revealing that a significant number of young women experienced street harassment.

    The politician brings to the forefront the story of an 8-year-old who transitioned and is now a contender for Miss Universe. He delves into the societal implications and the potential labeling of dissenters as transphobic. Jaki connects these developments to broader trends within the Netherlands, critiquing the country’s political priorities.

    Jaki also highlights the presence of a political party advocating for the legalization of certain practices, as well as ongoing debates concerning euthanasia. He underscores the legality of euthanasia from the age of 12 and a protocol permitting infant euthanasia. Jaki questions whether these align with the values of a progressive Europe.

    Revealing Ideological Motivations: Leftist Activism and Europe’s Trajectory

    In his closing remarks, Jaki emphasizes that these occurrences are part of a larger pattern driven by progressive left-wing movements across different nations. He argues that this perspective contrasts with a Europe rooted in life and contradicts shared values.

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