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    Pentagon Official Declares Poland a Leader in NATO

    Poland is emerging as a leader among its NATO allies in supporting Ukraine, according to a senior United States defence official.

    Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Celeste Wallander testified before the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services on Wednesday, claiming that the U.S. must remain a leader in international security.

    “Nato’s eastern flank, and Poland in particular, is a linchpin of our work to strengthen European deterrence and defence,” Wallander said.

    “Poland is an extraordinary ally, a reliable, a wonderful host to these American forces,” Wallander went on to say. “Poland has also been incredibly stalwart and helpful in our ability to provide security assistance to Ukraine, to support the training of Ukrainian forces… Poland has really emerged as a leader among Nato allies in Europe… and I consider us as very lucky that we’re the framework nation for the battle group in Poland… because we can count on them.”

    General Christopher Cavoli, the commander of NATO forces in Europe, testified before a committee that maintaining the NATO military presence in Poland is beneficial to the United States. Cavoli stated that the continued presence is a “force for peace and stability in the region.”

    Congressman Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, called for the permanent stationing of US troops in Eastern Europe in order to deter Russian aggression.


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