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    PERN Announces Plans for New Chemical Terminal Near Naftoport

    During the EuroPower conference last Thursday, Mirosław Skowron, CEO of PERN, revealed plans to construct a chemical terminal adjacent to Naftoport. This move is part of PERN’s strategic expansion and diversification into new business areas, including the handling of ammonia and other chemicals.

    Skowron emphasized that this development is seen as a transformational step for PERN, enabling the company to offer a wider range of chemical products to its clients. He highlighted the need for coordination among state-owned enterprises, noting that several are contemplating similar investments. “We can’t do everything. We need to work on one architecture, define who does what in this area, and what each state-owned company should be responsible for,” Skowron stated.

    This initiative aligns with PERN’s broader objectives to enhance Poland’s energy security and infrastructure resilience. The company, headquartered in Płock, plays a critical role in the country’s energy sector by managing the flow of crude oil through pipelines to refineries such as Grupa Orlen in Płock and Gdańsk, as well as to facilities in Germany at Schwedt and Leuna.

    Additionally, PERN has been implementing its “Mega Investments Program,” focusing on expanding and modernizing its fuel storage capacities and rail infrastructure. This extensive investment plan is part of a broader effort to bolster the security of Poland’s critical infrastructure.

    With 19 fuel bases and four oil depots across the country, PERN is also focusing on the logistical aspects of storing and transporting energy resources. The new chemical terminal is seen as a step toward enhancing Poland’s connectivity with other European pipeline systems, thus increasing the supply and security of fuel deliveries.

    The strategic development at Naftoport aims to give PERN and potentially other state firms a “window to the world,” offering new opportunities for international collaboration and trade in the chemical sector. This project not only supports Poland’s economic goals but also its commitments to energy security and environmental standards.

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