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    PGE continues cooperation with Kampinoski National Park

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    PGE is continuing its cooperation with the Kampinoski National Park, which began in 2021 with an employee volunteer project. Throughout 2022, the park’s educators, in cooperation with PGE, carried out educational and popular science projects, as well as conducted activities to support the popularisation of this protected area among tourists.

    Thanks to the support of the PGE Group, in 2022 the Kampinoski National Park purchased ten photocells to record video footage and photographs of animals in wild corners of the forest. Among other things, the purchase has made it possible to estimate the abundance of selected mammal species and their age and sex structure, as well as their condition. Selected recordings are made available on an ongoing basis on the Park’s and the PGE Group’s social media platforms.

    A series of films popularising the nature of the Kampinoski Forest is in progress. The videos will present the general characteristics of the park, distinguishing it from other protected areas the plant communities and typical animal species occurring in its area. The key role of the Kampinoski National Park in the system of nature conservation in the context of Mazovia, Poland as well as Europe will also be an important topic covered in the materials. The most important threats to the nature of this park will also be identified.

    An important activity carried out jointly with PGE is the reissue of the nature quarterly “Puszcza Kampinoska” after a break of several years, on the 30th anniversary of its establishment. The new edition of the quarterly will be published later in January 2023.

    PGE’s cooperation with the Kampinos National Park in 2022 is presented in a video below.

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