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    PGE Group Extends Sponsorship Collaboration with the Polish Sailing Association

    Building upon a highly successful debut year of partnership, the Polish Sailing Association and PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna have reaffirmed their commitment by extending their sponsorship agreement until the culmination of 2024. Emphasizing their continued collaboration, the PGE Group will retain its prominent position as the Main Sponsor of the Polish Sailing Association. The renewed agreement encompasses extensive support, spanning diverse areas such as the National Team’s sailing activities, the progressive development of eSailing, and the sustained expansion of the esteemed PGE PolSailing National Sailing Education Programme.

    A Powerful Partnership Fueled by Shared Values and Sustainable Commitment

    The PGE Group and the Polish Sailing Association find common ground in their shared values, where the essence of sailing—embracing the elemental forces of wind and water—resonates with the PGE Group’s unwavering commitment to green transformation. This strategic alliance aligns seamlessly with the energy giant’s policy, prioritizing sustainable practices. Notably, the PGE Group holds an eminent position as the foremost investor in Baltic Sea wind farms, further solidifying its dedication to advancing renewable energy initiatives.

    “PGE is one of the largest companies in Poland with enormous organisational and financial potential, which we also use in our sponsoring activities. The good cooperation with the Polish Sailing Association, the performance of Poland’s representatives and, in particular, the implementation of projects popularising sailing among children and young people, are reasons for us to be proud and give us motivation for further action. We want to support our representatives in their preparations for the Olympic Games and continue our joint projects,”

    said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

    A Winning Partnership for Sustainable Success and Youth Development

    In an extraordinary year of collaboration, Polish sailors celebrated a series of triumphs, clinching an exceptional collection of 46 medals across esteemed global events like the World Championships, European Championships, World Cup, and other prominent international regattas. This remarkable feat was complemented by the formation of the renowned PGE Sailing Team Poland, an assemblage of ambassadors who gallantly represented Poland worldwide, actively championing the cause of offshore wind energy. Moreover, through PGE’s invaluable support, virtual sailing experienced a significant boost, propelling its growth, while the comprehensive implementation of the PGE PolSailing National Sailing Education Programme ensured the sport’s widespread accessibility and impact.

    “Continued cooperation is proof that the Polish Sailing Association is a stable, trustworthy partner. I am very pleased that we are united by similar values, such as sustainable development, care for the environment, and renewable energy sources, but also care for the development of children and young people. These values are a priority for the authorities of the World Sailing Federation. The support of the PGE Group will also allow for more comfortable preparations of our team for the upcoming Olympic Games. We have decisive, very important months ahead of us, which will be marked by competition to qualify for the Games. I very much appreciate the fact that the cooperation with the PGE Group is not only about sport but also about supporting our missionary activities, programmes popularising sailing and projects related to universal, youth sailing. I am talking here first and foremost about the PGE PolSailing programme, which we are implementing with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, in cooperation with our members. Sailing educates, shapes the right attitudes, polishes characters and builds the right code of values in young people. I would like to thank the management board of the PGE Group for their trust and for taking up challenges that unite our common goals,”

    says Tomasz Chamera, President of the Polish Sailing Association. 

    PGE PolSailing Program: Empowering Youth, Expanding Horizons, and Embracing New Frontiers in Sailing

    The PGE PolSailing program has emerged as a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on countless children throughout its impressive decade-long tenure. Through this transformative initiative, thousands of young individuals from diverse corners of Poland have reaped the rewards, with many subsequently finding their way to sailing clubs for regular training and embracing the exhilarating experiences of maritime and inland water exploration, both as leisure seekers and aspiring sportspeople. In a testament to its continuous growth, this year will witness the program’s expansion across 34 centres, encompassing 13 provinces, further extending its reach and influence.

    As part of the dynamic partnership between the PGE Group and the Polish Sailing Association, the illustrious PGE Sailing Team Poland has witnessed a remarkable expansion. This esteemed group now boasts a diverse array of ambassadors, comprising both seasoned veterans and exceptionally talented young sailors representing Poland across Olympic classes. Capitalizing on PGE’s steadfast support, the Polish Sailing Association has also ventured into the realm of esports, aligning with the latest trends in the sporting world. Excitingly, this year will witness the collaboration between the PGE Group and the Polish Esport League in organizing three prominent eSailing tournaments, including the highly anticipated Polish Championships, setting the stage for unparalleled competition and digital sailing excellence.

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