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    PGE starts construction of one of Poland’s largest solar farms

    PGE has started the construction of one of Poland’s largest solar farms – PV Jeziórko – in the Podkarpacie region. By the end of 2023, an installation with a capacity of 100 MW will be built on plots of approximately 100 ha. 

    “By implementing this investment, PGE will use state-of-the-art panels with high productivity. In 2023, the 100 MW installation will produce electricity to meet the needs of nearly 50,000 households. In 2024, the PV Jeziórko will reach its target capacity of 153 MW. By 2030, PGE plans to build 3 GW of new capacity from photovoltaic installations,” Wojciech Dąbrowski, CEO of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, says.

    A 100 MW photovoltaic farm will be built in the Grębów commune about 10 km from Tarnobrzeg. It will consist of nearly 200,000 modern, monocrystalline solar panels with a power of over 500 W each. The technical parameters of the panels will allow for high productivity in weather conditions typical of the climatic zones found in Poland.

    “The panels installed at the PV Jeziórko farm will be bifacial. This means that they can absorb light bilaterally, both directly falling on the cell and reflected sunlight reaching from behind. The use of this type of module will increase production by several per cent. According to preliminary estimates, it will be at a level of approximately 107,000 MWh per year in a 100 MW installation,”

    Marcin Karlikowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Energia Odnawialna, says.

    PGE Energia Odnawialna is a PGE Group company responsible for the development of photovoltaic projects.

    The construction of the PV Jeziórko farm is part of the PGE Group’s investment programme for solar energy. PGE presented the first results of these plans a few weeks ago when construction work on 19 solar farms with a capacity of up to 1 MW each was completed. These investments were built in the Zachodniopomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie, Łódzkie, Lubelskie and Mazowieckie voivodeships.

    A further 24 installations will be built next year. These will include both single-megawatt power plants and solar farms with larger capacities. The most important of these, in addition to PV Jeziórko, are PV Augustynka (25 MW – Siemiatycze County), PV Żółtańce (15 MW – Chełm County), PV Huszlew (13 MW – Łosicki County), PV Gutki (12 MW – Grajewski County), PV Pasterzowice (8 MW – Żagański County), PV Krotoszyn (5 MW – Krotoszyn County).

    In 2023, PGE Group will have solar installations built or under construction with a total capacity of approximately 500 MW altogether. In the following years, this process will continue. The company has already had approximately 3,000 hectares of land secured for investment purposes on which solar farms with a capacity of more than 2 GW can be built.

    A member of the PGE Capital Group, PGE Energia Odnawialna is currently the largest producer of green energy in Poland. The Group manages 4 pumped-storage power plants, 29 hydroelectric power plants, 20 wind farms and 24 photovoltaic plants. The total installed capacity of the Group‘s generating units amounts to approximately 2433.1 MW.

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