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    Pioneering Algae Experiment from Extremo Technologies Heads to ISS

    An innovative experiment will be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). Led by PhD student Ewa Borowska, the “Space Volcanic Algae” project investigates extremophilic microalgae from volcanic regions, aiming to determine their resilience in microgravity and space radiation.

    The primary goal is to explore the algae’s ability to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in space. These algae, known for their intense photosynthesis, could provide a sustainable oxygen source for astronauts, enhancing life support systems in future space missions.

    MSc. Eng. Ewa Borowska, PhD student of the College of MISMaP at the University of Warsaw, Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Extremo Technologies start-up is the Principal Invesigator.

    MSc. Eng. Ewa Borowska leads this groundbreaking mission. The project is part of a larger initiative enabled by an agreement between the Polish Minister of Development and Technology and the European Space Agency (ESA), which has signed seven contracts with Polish institutions and companies for ISS experiments.

    This pioneering research could revolutionize life support systems, enabling longer, more sustainable human presence in space. Additionally, it holds promise for applications in space medicine and biotechnology.

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