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    Piotr Wysocki died in a fire

    Actor Piotr Wysocki associated with the Juliusz Osterwa Theater in Lublin, known for his roles in ‘Four Tank-Men and a Dog’ and ‘Career of Nikodem Dyzma’ died in a fire at the age of 87.

    Piotr Wysocki is a Polish actor, director, and playwright who was closely associated with the Juliusz Osterwa Theater in Lublin, Poland. He was born on March 16, 1958, in Lublin, and began his theatrical career in the 1980s.

    Wysocki’s work with the Juliusz Osterwa Theater has been highly acclaimed and has helped to establish him as a leading figure in Polish theater. He directed and acted in numerous productions at the theater, including works by famous playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, and Tennessee Williams.

    In addition to his work at the Juliusz Osterwa Theater, Wysocki also performed in other theaters throughout Poland and participated in international theater festivals in countries such as Germany, France, and Spain. He received numerous awards and honors for his work in the theater, including the Order of Polonia Restituta in 2016, one of the highest civilian awards in Poland.

    Wysocki was also a respected playwright, and his works have been performed at theaters throughout Poland. He wrote plays that explore a range of themes and topics, from historical events to contemporary social issues.

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