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    PiS Leader Criticizes New Government’s Unfulfilled Promises During Visit to Opoczno

    The time to fulfill the “100 policies for the first 100 days” is inexorably passing. The new government isn’t as eager to follow through on its promises. Does history like to repeat itself, and is promising something twice the same as keeping it once?

    In his speech delivered in Opoczno, Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jarosław Kaczyński sharply criticized the current government for failing to fulfill its election promises. Amidst his national tour and meetings with supporters, Kaczyński questioned the whereabouts of promised affordable student housing and fuel prices, highlighting a growing frustration with unmet expectations.

    Addressing the crowd on Friday afternoon, Kaczyński reflected on the recent parliamentary election loss, describing it as an “unfortunate incident in our history.” He emphasized the need for unity and hard work to overcome this setback. However, the focal point of his speech was the critique of the opposition’s unfulfilled promises, including the pledge of a tax-free threshold of PLN 60,000 to 72,000, additional PLN 1,500 rise for teachers, and other economic benefits that have yet to materialize.

    “Where is the 60,000 or even 72,000 tax-free amount? It’s nowhere. And the 1,500 more for teachers? They could only honestly say they would add a few hundred złoty to what we had already proposed, and that’s what happened. There is no 1,500 rise,” Kaczyński argued, pointing out the discrepancy between the promises and the reality of the new administration’s achievements.

    Kaczyński also touched upon the judicial system and the accusations of dictatorship during the PiS government, suggesting that the current government’s actions violate the constitution and the law. He made a stark comparison to the fate of political dissidents in actual dictatorships, implying that the situation in Poland, although criticized, was far from such extremes under his party’s rule.

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