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    PKO Leasing and Kross Join Forces to Support the Surging Popularity of Bicycles as a Mode of Transportation

    The bicycle as a mode of transportation is rapidly gaining popularity, and more and more people are choosing it not only for recreation but also for cost savings and environmental concerns. PKO Leasing has entered into a partnership with Kross to support this trend and facilitate the purchase of equipment tailored to the needs of businesses.

    Business customers of Kross’s 36 salons across Poland can now take advantage of PKO Leasing’s offerings, opting to acquire both conventional bicycles and electric-assisted models. The financing, in the form of leasing, is efficiently processed with minimal formalities, all completed in a single visit to the manufacturer’s physical store.

    Polish citizens are transitioning to bicycles, a decision driven not only by a greater environmental awareness but also by the search for solutions that promote health and enable increased physical activity in everyday life. The emergence of new cycling routes and improved safety for cyclists is a strong motivation for many. Additionally, the increasing availability of modern electric bicycles that facilitate travel also plays a significant role. According to the latest survey by the Polish Cycling Association, 10% of Poles now own electric bicycles, representing a 5.2 percentage point increase compared to 2022.

    Entrepreneurs are also taking advantage of the “bicycle trend,” implementing various initiatives and solutions. Some are creating dedicated bicycle parking spaces, while others are implementing motivational programs where individuals with the highest number of cycling kilometers earn tangible rewards. There are also those who build their own bicycle fleets for their employees to use.

    The choice of zero-emission modes of transportation, including bicycles, is crucial in achieving the European Union’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 and promoting sustainable urban development. With the ban on the sale of combustion engine vehicles starting from 2035, electric cars are set to replace traditional vehicles. Furthermore, bicycles will gain even more significance in daily commuting, allowing for swift and convenient travel within cities while avoiding traffic congestion and parking difficulties.

    The range of bicycles available at Kross’s showrooms is extensive, encompassing popular gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and urban bikes, both traditional and electric-assisted models. All these bikes offer high quality and are built with cutting-edge components available on the market.

    Business owners, regardless of the size and duration of their operations, can take advantage of leasing financing. The entire process, from preparing the offer and submitting the application to finalizing the transaction by signing the agreement, takes place on-site at the partner’s sales showroom.

    “Our bicycles facilitate maintaining good health and fitness. They allow users to explore new trails and provide a quick and hassle-free mode of transportation within cities. We see a growing number of companies and employers who share our values and make it easier for their employees to use bicycles, both conventional and electric-assisted. Improved employee fitness goes hand in hand with motivation to perform,” says Iwona Stępniak, Director of Marketing at Kross.

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