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    PM warns further blockade of Belarusian trade imminent unless repression ends

    Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, declared that if Belarus continues its oppressive policies, Poland is prepared to increase its trade restrictions on the country.

    “We are closing additional border crossings or at least becoming more restrictive,” Morawiecki told the private Polish broadcaster RMF FM on Saturday. “We are reacting ‘tit for tat’ when it comes to the actions ofLukashenko, and he is aware of this.”

    “I recently met in Poland with the wife of Ales Bialiatski, a Nobel Prize winner, who told me how brutal Lukashenko is with all those who in the slightest way express their opposition to his brutal regime,” he continued. “Poland must react here.”

    The prime minister declared that he would be engaging in talks with Lithuania concerning their failure to comply with EU sanctions against Belarus in the last couple of months. He went on to say, “Sometimes it is best to retreat a bit to make bigger strides in the future.”

    Morawiecki suggested that it would be beneficial to prevent the transportation of Russian goods through Belarus, as it is an essential transit point.


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