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    Poland Boasts One of the Lowest Poverty and Social Exclusion Rates in the EU, Eurostat Reports

    According to the latest report from Eurostat, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia emerged as the top-performing EU countries in terms of the lowest percentage of individuals at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2022.

    Eurostat’s data indicates that in 2022, a staggering 95.3 million people in the European Union, accounting for 22 percent of the population, were at risk of poverty or social exclusion. This figure remained nearly unchanged compared to the previous year’s 95.4 million.

    Czechia (12 percent), Slovenia (13 percent), and Poland (16 percent) exhibited the most favorable outcomes, boasting the lowest rates of risk across the EU. On the other end of the spectrum, Romania (34 percent), Bulgaria (32 percent), as well as Greece and Spain (both 26 percent) recorded the highest rates of risk within the member states.

    Gender disparities were also observed in the report, with women facing a higher risk of poverty or social exclusion compared to men. The risk for women stood at 22.7 percent, while men faced a slightly lower risk of 20.4 percent.

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