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    Poland does not want further Covid vaccine deliveries, says health minister

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    Contracts for Covid vaccines can be terminated owing to a vaccine surplus, the Polish health minister said.

    Adam Niedzielski attended a meeting of EU health ministers in Brussels on Friday. He told reporters that during the talks he said Poland wanted to invoke the ‘force majeure’ clause in the contracts so it no longer needs to accept any vaccine deliveries in the near future.

    “A large oversupply of Covid-19 vaccines is being felt across Europe. Continuing the implementation of contracts for their supply is illogical,”

    he said.

    Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski added that in the first half of this year, Poland had said there was a risk of a Covid vaccine surplus across the EU.

    “We have to face this problem realistically and redefine contracts,”

    he said.

    According to Niedzielski, most EU countries now agree that delivery contracts should be suspended as there are sufficient supplies for the near future and buying more Covid vaccines “does not make sense.”

    He also said that at the meeting the European Commission announced the appointment of a committee to deal with suspending vaccine supply contracts until they are renegotiated.


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