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    Poland Emerges as a Major Bicycle Manufacturer in Europe

    Poland produced over a million bicycles in 2022, becoming one of the EU’s top bicycle manufacturers and exporters.

    According to Eurostat, Poland produced over one million bicycles in 2022, making it one of the largest bicycle producers in the European Union. Interestingly, Poland’s production is twice that of the Netherlands. The EU produced a total of 13.2 million bicycles last year.

    Top Bicycle Producers in the EU

    Romania leads the EU with around 2.55 million bicycles produced in 2022. Italy follows closely with 2.52 million, and Portugal ranks third with 2.16 million bicycles. Germany produced 1.7 million, while Poland, producing about 8% of all bicycles in the EU, ranks fifth.

    Pandemic Boost and Export Markets

    During the pandemic, Poland’s production peaked at nearly 1.2 million bicycles annually, catering to increased demand for recreational activities. Poland’s strategic location near dynamic Baltic markets, including Germany and the Czech Republic, facilitates significant exports, with over 90% of production exported to neighboring countries. In 2023, Poland’s bicycle exports were valued at 164 million euros.

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