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    Poland Emerges as Chocolate Tycoon

    In 2023, members of the EU exported a staggering 867 thousand tons of chocolate and chocolate bars to countries outside the EU, marking a 2% increase compared to 2022 (852 thousand tons) and an impressive 35% surge compared to 2013 (643 thousand tons), according to Eurostat. Poland, emerging as a prominent player, secured the third position among EU exporters.

    Leading the pack in chocolate and chocolate bar exports to non-EU countries in 2023 were Germany, with 221 thousand tons, constituting 26% of the total volume. Following closely, the Netherlands stood at second place with 123 thousand tons (14%). Poland proudly clinched the third spot, exporting 115 thousand tons (13%). Meanwhile, Belgium, renowned for its confectioneries, exported 96 thousand tons (11%).

    Among the top five export destinations outside the EU, the United Kingdom received the lion’s share, with 315 thousand tons of chocolate delivered from the Union (36%). The United States followed with 72 thousand tons (8%), trailed by Russia with 65 thousand tons (7%), Canada with 31 thousand tons (4%), and Australia with 27 thousand tons (3%).

    In terms of imports into the EU, Switzerland emerged as the primary source, supplying 62 thousand tons (36%), closely trailed by the United Kingdom with 61 thousand tons (36%), and Ukraine with 22 thousand tons (13%).

    This data underscores Poland’s ascension as a chocolate powerhouse within the EU, solidifying its position among the top exporters globally. With its delectable offerings, Poland is not only satisfying the sweet cravings of its citizens but also tantalizing taste buds across borders, cementing its status in the international confectionery market.

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