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    Poland Enhances Police Fleet with Fourth Black Hawk Helicopter

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    Poland strengthens its police fleet with a fourth Black Hawk helicopter, showcasing commitment to modernization and enhanced emergency response capabilities.

    Poland’s Police Force has welcomed its fourth S-70i Black Hawk helicopter, marking a significant milestone in bolstering its airborne capabilities. Financed entirely by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW), this acquisition reflects a commitment to modernizing emergency response resources.

    Unveiled during the COOPERATION 2023 international rescue exercises, the Black Hawk showcased its versatility. Participating in simulated scenarios, including CBRNE threats and forest fire suppression, it underscored the aircraft’s adaptability in diverse emergency situations.

    A trilateral agreement signed last year paved the way for these acquisitions, with representatives from the Police, Fire Department, and NFOŚiGW. The collaboration aims to safeguard biodiversity, support firefighting efforts, and mitigate flood-related risks.

    Replacing aging aircraft, the S-70i Black Hawk boasts a top speed of 297 km/h, covering 650 km in 2.5 hours. With a three-person crew and capacity for 13 passengers, it serves a crucial role in police and firefighting operations.

    With additional Black Hawks scheduled for delivery and ongoing technological advancements, Poland anticipates a fleet of 14 helicopters by 2025. This strategic expansion ensures enhanced capabilities for law enforcement and emergency response.

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