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    Poland Gears Up for High-Stakes National Security Council Meeting Ahead of U.S. Visit

    On Monday, a meeting of the National Security Council will take place, convened last week by President Andrzej Duda. The President highlighted the goal of “demonstrating unity” on security matters ahead of the joint visit of President and Prime Minister Donald Tusk to the USA on Tuesday.

    President Duda announced the convening of the National Security Council (RBN) on Wednesday during his address at the Dragon-24 military exercises. He emphasized that the RBN meeting holds strategic significance ahead of the planned visit to the USA. In his speech, he reminded that on March 12, on the 25th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, both he and Prime Minister Donald Tusk will travel to Washington. There, they will meet with President Joe Biden, underscoring the importance of this event for Polish-American relations. The RBN meeting serves as a crucial preparation for discussions, addressing key issues related to NATO, Alliance expansion plans, Polish-American cooperation, and defense acquisitions.

    During talks with the U.S. President, topics such as the current NATO situation, the future expansion of the Alliance – including Ukraine, Polish-American cooperation, and defense purchases from the USA will be discussed. President Duda emphasized the desire for a more formal National Security Council preceding the U.S. trip, stating, “I would like our journey to the USA to be preceded by a somewhat more ceremonial National Security Council. I announce in advance that I will convene this National Security Council next Monday, on March 11th, in the morning, before departure to the United States.”

    He stressed the importance of presenting a unified political voice on security and the modernization of the Polish army to showcase Poland’s cohesion to allies.

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