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    Poland My First Choice Programme: an opportunity for international students

    Poland is now offering a golden opportunity to young talented individuals from various countries. Poland My First Choice programme aims to encourage these talented individuals to pursue their studies at Polish universities. This initiative is organized by NAWA (the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange).

    The programme offers scholarships for the full duration of second-cycle studies at academic higher education institutions (HEIs) in Poland. These institutions include both public and non-public universities that fall under the supervision of the Minister of Education and Science. One of the most attractive aspects of this programme is that it provides an exemption from tuition fees at public universities, making it an even more appealing option for international students.

    Under this programme, applicants have the freedom to select the university and field of study independently. They can choose from the list of universities provided in the call for applications. NAWA does not act as an intermediary in the admission process for the chosen university. Instead, applicants need to participate in the university’s admission process on their own and independent of the application submitted to NAWA.

    To assist applicants with their decision-making process, valuable information about studying in Poland can be found at Additionally, the website offers details about the various fields of study available at Polish universities.

    The Poland My First Choice NAWA programme presents a unique chance for international students to pursue higher education in a country with a strong academic reputation. Polish universities are renowned for their quality education, innovative research, and diverse academic programs. Students can benefit from the rich cultural experiences, exceptional faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities that Polish universities have to offer.

    By participating in this programme, international students not only gain access to quality education but also get the chance to immerse themselves in Polish culture, build lifelong connections, and broaden their horizons. Poland, with its vibrant cities, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality, provides an enriching environment for personal growth and development.

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