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    Poland Prepares Comprehensive Report on Losses Incurred Due to Soviet Actions

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    Poland is in the process of documenting and preparing a comprehensive report on the losses it suffered as a result of Soviet actions during and after World War II. This initiative, announced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Arkadiusz Mularczyk, seeks to shed light on the impact of the Soviet occupation, economic exploitation, and unfavorable coal agreements.

    Deputy Minister Mularczyk revealed that the Institute of War Studies is actively working on this report. It aims to provide a thorough examination of the entire spectrum of losses experienced by Poland. These losses encompass the period of occupation, the dismantling of factories in western territories, the exploitation of the Polish state, and the disadvantageous coal agreements.

    Ensuring Credibility

    One of the key objectives is to create a well-documented report that is as credible as the one detailing Poland’s losses due to the German invasion. This comprehensive approach aims to prevent any potential challenges to the report’s authenticity or accuracy.

    Deputy Minister Mularczyk is currently on a visit to Germany, where he will engage with German parliamentarians on the matter of reparations for Poland. This diplomatic effort underlines Poland’s commitment to addressing historical injustices and seeking acknowledgment of its wartime losses.

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