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    Poland Records Lowest Unemployment Rate in Recent History

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    In a remarkable feat for the Polish economy, the country has attained its lowest unemployment rate in recent history, as announced by the Central Statistical Office (GUS). With the rate of registered unemployment standing at 5% in June 2023, the nation has successfully navigated through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis, showcasing resilience and growth in employment.

    Comparatively, eight years ago, under the governance of the Civic Platform, the unemployment rate was recorded at 10.2%. Today, that figure has halved, indicating significant progress in creating job opportunities and bolstering the workforce.

    According to the GUS, the number of registered unemployed individuals in June 2023 decreased to 783,500, compared to 802,300 in the previous month. This reduction in unemployment numbers indicates a positive trajectory for the labor market and reflects the government’s efforts in supporting economic recovery.

    During a press conference, government spokesperson Piotr Müller emphasized that the current economic landscape showcases Poland’s ability to manage and overcome challenges, ensuring a favorable employment outlook for its citizens.

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