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    Poland Stuns Bosnia and Herzegovina in Olympic Qualifier

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    Poland’s National Team secured a remarkable 85-76 victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina in their second game of the Olympic qualification tournament in Gliwice. With this win, Poland now holds two consecutive triumphs, positioning them favorably ahead of their crucial clash with Portugal.

    Contrary to their previous match against Hungary, where Poland struggled with three-point shots, they displayed exceptional accuracy, sinking six three-pointers in the opening ten minutes against favored opponents Bosnia. The scoreboard reflected their dominance at 27-19 after the first quarter.

    Unyielding Performance: Polish Determination Shines

    Poland’s second quarter saw unwavering intensity as they extended their lead to 50-37 at halftime. Despite an early third-quarter surge from Bosnia, the Polish team responded impressively with a thirteen-point streak, entering the final quarter at 70-54.

    Although Bosnia fought back valiantly, a combination of solid defense and effective three-point shooting from Jarosław Zyskowski and Mateusz Ponitka ensured Poland’s lead remained intact. The match concluded with a final score of 85-76, showcasing Poland’s resilience and potential for the tournament.

    Stars Shine Bright

    Key contributors Mateusz Ponitka and Michał Sokołowski each amassed 22 points, underlining their crucial roles in Poland’s success. Heading into the next match against Portugal, Poland leads their group, but qualification is not yet secured.

    While Poland’s victory strengthens their position, Portugal’s potential win against Bosnia, combined with Poland’s victory over Hungary, could lead to a three-way tie. The thrilling encounter emphasized both teams’ relentless pursuit of points, despite the eventual outcome.

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