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    Poland Welcomes Albanian President for Talks on EU Integration and NATO Summit

    On the courtyard of Belweder Palace, President Andrzej Duda officially welcomed President Bajram Begaj of Albania. Accompanying them were First Ladies Agata Kornhauser-Duda and Armanda Begaj, who had separate engagements.

    Mieszko Pawlak, Head of the Bureau of International Policy, emphasized discussions on bilateral relations, security policy, and the integration of Western Balkan states into the European Union. “Poland strongly supports and will continue to support all efforts bringing Western Balkan states, including Albania, closer to EU integration,” he stated.

    NATO Summit Preparations

    Given Albania’s status as a NATO ally, part of the talks will focus on the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington. “We will discuss how to adapt NATO to current challenges. Poland’s primary concern is strengthening NATO’s political and military readiness for collective defense against both hybrid and military threats. Additionally, it is crucial to establish a clear political message on the irreversible path of Ukraine to NATO,” Pawlak highlighted.

    The meeting signifies the importance of cooperation between Poland and Albania in enhancing regional security and advancing EU and NATO objectives.

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