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    Poland’s Advanced Satellite EagleEye to Revolutionize Space Exploration

    Poland’s EagleEye satellite, built on HyperSat platform, promises groundbreaking Earth imaging and heralds nation’s entry into space exploration.

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    Poland is set to launch its most advanced satellite, EagleEye, this year, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s space exploration efforts. Developed by the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Space Research Center, along with Creotech Instruments and Scanway, EagleEye represents a leap forward in satellite technology.

    EagleEye’s Features

    EagleEye, built on the modular HyperSat platform, showcases Poland’s capabilities in space missions. It weighs over 50 kg, making it the country’s largest satellite to date. Operating in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO), it will provide precise Earth imaging from an altitude of 300-350 km.

    HyperSat: A Versatile Platform for Future Missions

    The HyperSat platform, developed by Creotech Instruments, offers adaptability for various mission profiles, including optical, radar, and communication tasks. Its potential extends to 5G connectivity, orbital logistics, and scientific endeavors.

    Global Impact and Future Prospects

    With a growing market for small satellites, EagleEye signifies Poland’s emergence as a key player in space technology. Its applications range from defense to civilian sectors, promising advancements in security, communication, and environmental monitoring.

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