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    Poland’s Ambassador to the UN Issues Urgent Plea: Tackle Russian Imperialism Before Global Chaos Unfolds

    Poland’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Krzysztof Szczerski, has issued a stark warning about the global threat posed by Russian imperialism, urging decisive action to prevent the world from descending into chaos. Addressing the UN Security Council (UNSC) during an extraordinary session convened to discuss Russia’s recent aerial attacks on Ukraine, Szczerski highlighted the bombardment of civilian targets in Ukraine as evidence of Russia’s blatant disregard for international law.

    The ambassador underscored the severity of the situation, emphasizing that the most recent attacks, occurring on Friday, marked the most intense since the onset of the conflict. Like other participants in the session, Szczerski condemned Russia’s targeting of civilian areas situated far from the front lines, emphasizing that Moscow’s objectives remained unchanged – seeking to subjugate and defeat Ukraine through relentless bombing campaigns.

    “Moscow has clearly not changed its goals. It wants to bomb Ukraine into subjugation and defeat,” Szczerski declared, expressing deep concern over Russia’s persistent violation of the UN Charter and international law. He stressed Poland’s unequivocal condemnation of Russia’s actions and emphasized the imperative of continued international support for Ukraine.

    Warning against the global ramifications of Russian imperialism, Szczerski asserted, “Russian imperialism has a tendency to remind us regularly about what it is – a global threat with far-reaching consequences.” Urging the UNSC to address this threat before it escalates further, he called for an end to the war in Ukraine with a just peace that reflects the interests of the aggrieved nation. Szczerski insisted on holding the aggressor accountable for war atrocities and damages inflicted on Ukraine.

    In a direct plea to nations aligned with international law, the Polish ambassador urged collective action to compel Russia to halt its aggression and withdraw from Ukrainian territory. Szczerski also brought attention to a serious incident on Friday, where a Russian missile violated Polish airspace, calling on Moscow to provide a satisfactory explanation for this breach. The ambassador’s impassioned address underscores the urgency of addressing the evolving crisis and preventing the spread of chaos instigated by Russian actions on the global stage.

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