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    Poland’s Finance Minister Discusses Budget Deficit Variations for 2024

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    Poland’s Finance Minister, Andrzej Domański, announced potential variations in the upcoming year’s budget deficit compared to the government’s initial proposal in September. The minister assured reporters that the differences stem from ongoing adjustments, including new elements and expenditure verifications.

    Domański, officially sworn in as Finance Minister following President Andrzej Duda’s government inauguration, expressed confidence in presenting the budget proposal within the required timeframe. When questioned about the budget project’s completion, he stated, “I believe you will see the project very soon.” According to the Sejm’s schedule, the first reading of the 2024 state budget is scheduled for December 21.

    In the initial budget draft, submitted to the Sejm in September, the Ministry of Finance projected state revenues at PLN 684.5 billion and a budget expenditure limit of PLN 849.3 billion, resulting in a budget deficit not exceeding PLN 164.8 billion. The document outlined allocations for healthcare, defense, family support, and pensions, assuming a 3% real GDP growth, 6.6% inflation, and a 9.8% rise in average national wages in 2024.

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