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    Poland’s Freedom Press Day Overshadowed by Concerns of Government Repression

    As the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day, the state of free speech and journalism in Poland raises alarming red flags. In a candid interview with, Tomasz Sakiewicz, the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska,” “Gazeta Polska Codziennie” and Republika TV didn’t mince his words, accusing the current administration of steering the country towards a path reminiscent of Russia.

    Sakiewicz’s remarks come at a crucial time, as April 20 marks the International Day of Press Freedom, a day dedicated to celebrating the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and the vital role journalists play in upholding democracy. However, instead of celebrating progress, Sakiewicz paints a grim picture of Poland’s media landscape under the current government.

    For over 30 years, this day has served as a stark reminder of the numerous human rights violations occurring worldwide, including restrictions on access to free and independent media. According to Sakiewicz, the situation in Poland has reached a critical juncture, with the country sliding towards authoritarianism akin to Belarus and Russia.

    He highlights disturbing trends, including the dismissal of journalists, the unlawful insertion of government officials into public media, intimidation tactics against private media advertisers, and the suppression of journalists who dare to ask uncomfortable questions. Moreover, Sakiewicz condemns the judiciary’s complicity in stifling free media, turning courts into tools of repression.

    Sakiewicz’s condemnation doesn’t stop at the current government; he also points fingers at political figures like Donald Tusk, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, and Adam Bodnar, accusing them of dragging Poland either into a regressive past or towards an Eastern authoritarian model, an assertion that cannot be ignored.

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