Poland’s Fuel Prices Remain the Lowest in Europe

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Despite recent tensions in the Middle East pushing global oil prices higher, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki asserted on Friday that Poland continues to offer the cheapest gasoline in Europe. He made these remarks during a press conference in response to questions about the rising fuel prices in the country.

Fuel Prices in Poland: A Comparative Analysis

Prime Minister Morawiecki highlighted that the average price of diesel in Poland stands at 6.14 Polish zlotys, while 95-octane gasoline averages at 6.10 Polish zlotys. He referenced a price comparison chart for Europe, and confidently stated, “We still have the lowest or one of the lowest fuel prices in Europe.”

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The Prime Minister also pointed out that despite recent geopolitical tensions in the Middle East causing a surge in global oil prices, gasoline prices in Poland have remained remarkably stable.

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