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    Poland’s Historic First Home Match: A Tough Debut

    On May 14, 1922, the Polish national football team played their first-ever home match at Cracovia Stadium, named after Józef Piłsudski. This friendly international match saw Poland face Hungary, a team that proved too strong, winning 3-0. An own goal by Ludwik Gintel in the fourth minute followed by two goals from Michály Solti sealed Poland’s fate.

    Match Day Details

    The event was highly anticipated, with posters announcing the match regardless of weather conditions. The game kicked off at 3:30 PM, drawing a significant crowd eager to witness the historic moment. Poland’s lineup featured players from five clubs, predominantly from Kraków, including stars like Jan Loth from Polonia Warszawa and Józef Kałuża from Cracovia. The team captain was Tadeusz Synowiec, with Józef Lustgarten, Adam Obrubański, and Stanisław Ziemiański acting as selectors.

    This match was a rematch of Poland’s first international game, held on December 18, 1921, in Budapest, where Hungary won 1-0 with a goal from Jenő Szabó. Both matches were officiated by Emil Grätz from Czechoslovakia. The Kraków game was significant not only as Poland’s home debut but also for featuring four debutants, including the youngest, Zygmunt Krumholz, at 19 years old.

    Legacy of the First Home Game

    Despite the defeat, the match was a landmark in Polish football history, highlighting the emerging talent and potential of the national team. The game, noted in the “Biało-Czerwoni” album by GiA, marked several firsts: the inclusion of three substitutes and the appearance of a young Krumholz. It set the stage for future development and success of Polish football.

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