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    Poland’s Hydrogen Initiative: A Path to Energy Independence and Economic Growth

    In a recent visit to Canada, Polish President Andrzej Duda highlighted the remarkable strides Poland has made in the realm of hydrogen production. Speaking at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, President Duda underscored Poland’s status as a global leader in hydrogen production, ranking third in the European Union and fifth worldwide.

    Duda emphasized the significance of clean hydrogen technologies in Poland’s pursuit of climate neutrality, affirming Poland’s readiness to embrace this challenge with its expertise and resources. With the adoption of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy 2030, the nation aims to replace grey hydrogen derived from emission-intensive sources with clean, low-emission alternatives sourced from renewables, nuclear energy, and carbon capture technologies.

    The President outlined ambitious targets outlined in the strategy, including the deployment of 800 to 1000 hydrogen-powered buses and the establishment of at least 32 hydrogen refuelling and storage stations by 2030. Moreover, he stressed the potential for robust collaboration between Polish and Canadian companies, presenting a mutually beneficial opportunity for technological advancement and economic growth.

    The event witnessed the participation of representatives from Polish firms, start-ups, and academic institutions specializing in hydrogen energy production and utilization for both energy and transportation purposes. President Duda highlighted the deepening bilateral relations between Poland and Canada, noting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s frequent visits to Poland and his own discussions with Canadian counterparts during his visit.

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