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    Poland’s Railway Revolution: Constructing the Longest Tunnel

    Poland is embarking on a significant infrastructural project to build its longest tunnel, stretching almost 3.8 kilometers along the Limanowa – Nowy Sącz railway line. Part of the “Podłęże – Piekiełko” initiative, valued at over 1.9 billion PLN, this endeavor aims to transform travel between Krakow and Nowy Sącz, reducing journey times to just 60 minutes.

    The tunnel, between Męcina and Mordarka, will be accompanied by 10 viaducts and 12 bridges. Grade-separated intersections will enhance safety for rail and road users. Passenger trains could reach speeds of up to 160 km/h, while freight trains will maintain 100 km/h. Additional stations in Mordarka and Chomranice, alongside relocating the Męcina station, will improve accessibility.

    Led by a consortium including Budimex S.A. and Gülermak, with a 31-month deadline, the project also involves electrification and modernization of a 75 km stretch between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz. Moreover, new tracks connecting Podłęże with Tymbark and Mszana Dolna aim to improve connectivity by 2029.

    Financed under the National Reconstruction Plan, this ambitious initiative promises not only smoother rail travel but also economic growth for the regions it serves.

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