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    Poland’s Ruling Party to Unveil Ambitious Election Program in September

    Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party is gearing up to reveal its comprehensive election program for the upcoming autumn general election in September, as confirmed by the party’s spokesperson.

    With parliamentary elections on the horizon, the nation eagerly awaits the announcement of the exact date, pending the decision of Poland’s President.

    PiS spokesperson, Rafal Bochenek, disclosed on Monday that the party intends to present an election program not just for one four-year term but ambitiously plans to outline their vision for two consecutive terms, reaffirming an earlier statement made by party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

    Bochenek emphasized that the party is ready to unveil a long-term proposition, citing that the implementation of several crucial reforms requires a strategic approach, spread over multiple years.

    Expectedly, the program’s unveiling is most likely to occur in September, according to Bochenek’s announcement to Polish Radio.

    During the preliminary stages, PiS has already commenced the implementation of some program proposals, which include initiatives like free motorways for individual motorists, an increased monthly allowance for children, and free medicines for both seniors and young individuals below the age of 18.

    As the details of the comprehensive program are set to be unveiled at the PiS program convention, scheduled to take place in late August or early September, public anticipation continues to mount.

    The upcoming election program aims to outline PiS’s roadmap for the country’s development and prosperity, making it a crucial moment in Poland’s political landscape. With a focus on long-term reforms, the ruling party seeks to address the nation’s challenges with a visionary approach that stretches beyond a single term in office. 


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