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    Poland’s Success in UN Contracts: A Testament to Growing Business Potential

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    Poland has achieved a notable milestone in its relationship with the United Nations, according to the recently published annual UN report. In 2022, for the first time, Poland received more funds from the UN budget than it contributed. Polish companies enriched the United Nations with goods and services amounting to nearly $72 million, while Poland’s contributions to the UN annual budget and peacekeeping operations totaled approximately $40 million. The value of contracts won by Polish firms rose nearly 15-fold compared to 2021, showcasing the growing potential and willingness of Polish businesses to engage in UN procurement procedures, which were often considered complex.

    Ambassador Krzysztof Szczerski, the Permanent Representative of Poland to the UN, expressed his pride and gratitude to everyone who contributed to this achievement. He believes that Poland’s success could serve as an example to be replicated within other international organizations. The report reveals that Poland’s position on the list of UN suppliers climbed from 158th place in 2021 to 70th in 2022. Contracts of highest value were awarded to companies providing food supplies. Additionally, Polish businesses fulfilled orders for medical equipment, office supplies, transportation services, as well as financial, management, and IT services.

    Growing Interest and Future Prospects

    The Permanent Representation of Poland to the UN highlights the increasing interest of Polish businesses in UN tenders. In 2022, the number of registered Polish entities in the United Nations Global Marketplace procurement system exceeded one thousand for the first time. The significant rise in Polish entrepreneurs’ involvement in UN contracts is a result of consistent promotion of business opportunities derived from UN membership.

    The ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine has also played a significant role, leading to increased UN presence in Poland for assisting war victims. The engagement of Polish companies in supporting the UN’s presence also showcases the country’s potential for participation in Ukraine’s reconstruction. Ambassador Szczerski emphasizes the importance of Polish businesses’ involvement in UN operations, which serves as a positive indicator for future prospects.

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