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    Poles create organic leather from apples

    Bio2Materials is a company which makes 100% biodegradable ‘leather’ from apples – the main type of fruit grown in Poland.

    This special leather is 100% biodegradable. The production process employs apple pomace – the main organic waste from fruit and vegetable processing in Poland. During peak season, about 500 tonnes of pomace are produced per day.

    Bio2Materials is the first Polish brand in the sector of ecological and sustainable textiles. The team creates materials of organic origin. The production process is based on a closed-loop economy, allowing the company to be more efficient. The result achieved is less polluting and more circular leather production.

    What is interesting, brands all over the world create leather from such unusual organic materials as mangoes or pineapples too. In times of widespread consumerism and fast fashion, it is a step forward for Poland to become more eco-friendly on the market. Some other Polish brands, e.g. Estimon, use corn leather, grape leather, and Piñatex® (pineapple leather).

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