Polish Air Navigation Services Agency Warns Pilots of GPS Signal Anomalies

    The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAZP) has raised concerns about anomalies detected in the Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS) signal, as reported by a PAZP spokesperson to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    According to Tomasz Modrzejewski, the spokesperson for PAZP, the interference with the GPS signal has been ongoing since December 25th. To address this issue and ensure aviation safety, an official Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) announcement has been issued.

    Modrzejewski assured the public that despite the GPS signal anomalies, PAZP is diligently providing pilots with all essential navigation services. These services are delivered through the agency’s radar systems and infrastructure as needed, ensuring the safety of air operations over Poland.

    “Air operations over Poland are safe,” Modrzejewski emphasized, highlighting that PAZP is actively taking measures to mitigate the impact of the GPS signal issues. He also mentioned that operators of the GPS system possess more detailed information about the source of these anomalies.

    This advisory from PAZP serves as a precautionary measure to inform and safeguard the aviation community operating in the affected region. The agency remains vigilant in monitoring the situation and collaborating with relevant authorities to address the root cause of the GPS signal anomalies.


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