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    Polish and German Interior Ministers Reject Border Controls

    In a joint statement issued on Tuesday, the interior ministers of Poland and Germany emphasized that there is presently no valid reason to reimpose controls on the Polish-German border. They also announced the implementation of reinforced patrols by both Polish and German border authorities, along with additional joint inspections on trains.

    The appeal made by the interior ministers of Brandenburg and Saxony to German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser for temporary border controls with Poland and the Czech Republic, owing to a rise in illegal border crossings into Germany, has been met with rejection. Minister Faeser argued that such measures should only be considered as a last resort.

    Discussions held between Polish Deputy Interior Minister Bartosz Grodecki and Minister Faeser primarily revolved around the prevailing migration threats and the potential for enhancing security cooperation between the two nations in response to the escalating issue of irregular migration into the European Union.

    Highlighting the robust and effective measures in place, as well as the high level of cooperation and trust exhibited by their respective border services, the interior ministers asserted that there is currently no justification for reintroducing border controls at the shared Polish-German border.


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